A Treatment option for general practitioners.

Designed specifically for general dentists to elevate and complement their practices results with aligners in a range of limited malocclusions that will enrich the patient treatment plan for better results.

Treatable Cases

Mild to Moderated spacing, crowding, and alignment are the pillars of this treatment option.

This treatment option requires the patient to have the following conditions 
  • Bite should be in class I

  • Alignment should not go exceed premolars

  • No use of accessories like elastics & buttons


Common Use Cases

  • Can be used to align natural teeth before placing dental prostheses like crowns or bridges, enhancing the overall outcome.

  • Can improve smile aesthetics and functionality by aligning misaligned teeth before placing veneers or crowns as part of dental prosthesis work.

  • Can assess and optimize the alignment of adjacent natural teeth before placing dental implants, improving implant positioning.

  • Aligning teeth prior to implant surgery can enhance both the aesthetic and functional outcomes of the final implant-supported prosthesis

  • Can help create a well-aligned dental arch, providing a stable foundation for implant-supported prostheses like bridges or dentures.

How to elevate your practice today with

On boarding

Prior to commencing this treatment avenue, you will delve into the fundamental aspects of biomechanics relevant to treatment planning. This includes understanding attachment types, IPR, treatment monitoring, and the art of resolving issues that may arise.

Records Submission

Our comprehensive digital workflow initiates with the compilation of records. In addition, we extend our assistance to practitioners by offering intraoral scanning services at their clinics, streamlining the process.

Treatment Plan

Aligned with your envisioned course of action, our team of orthodontists and technicians collaborates closely with you. Together, we meticulously construct a treatment plan encompassing a 3D simulation of the force application required to achieve your desired tooth movement.

Monitoring & Follow UP

Throughout the duration of the treatment plan, spanning from its initiation to the final alignment of teeth, you will be actively engaged with your patient. Our dedicated BClear Aligner team remains at your disposal, providing unwavering support whenever it’s needed.